Heterodyne is an improvisational project; its co-founders and core performers are Maria Shesiuk (Moog and processed vocalizations) and T. A. Zook (NS Design Omni Bass, strung as a basscello). Although it is essentially a duo, when complex schedules permit, it performs with Patrick Whitehead on quarter-tone flügelhorn and trumpet; Bob Boilen on ARP synthesizer; Doug Kallmeyer on bass and synthesizer; Jerry Busher on drums; Sarah Hughes on sax; Leah Gage on drums; Sam Lohman on drums; Amanda Huron on drums; and Dan Gutstein, spoken word. 

Heterodyne closed at the January 13, 2019 Susan Mumford Memorial at the 9:30 Club.  The performance is posted in Volume XII of the project’s album (https://goo.gl/g69n6W); the individual URLs are goo.gl/jxDM2F (stereo) and goo.gl/xhxVPU (binaural).  Heterodyne recorded and posted all of its performances for free download:  https://heterodyne-performances.tumblr.com/.  Heartfelt thanks to all for the support that we’ve received from our collaborators and audiences in the course of our 31 performances since August 2017!

Below is a recording of Heterodyne at Galaxy Hut on August 26, 2018. The performance featured Maria Shesiuk (Moog), Bob Boilen (ARP), Leah Gage (drums & vocalizations); Sarah Hughes (sax, clarinet, flute and vocalizations), Doug Kallmeyer (NS Double Bass) and T. A. Zook (NS Design Omnibass strung as a basscello). The performance was unscored, unrehearsed and improvised extemporaneously on the spot. Free downloads of audio recordings of this performance are posted at https://goo.gl/2hZVSU (stereo) and goo.gl/5cr46S (binaural).

Free downloads of Heterodyne’s sessions and performances:

– Volume I:  https://goo.gl/SK7Hqz

– Volume II:  https://goo.gl/zM3Y2R

– Volume III:  https://goo.gl/SRTZqD

– Volume IV:  https://goo.gl/V9tbkN

– Volume V:  https://goo.gl/pSjQoS

– Volume VI:  https://goo.gl/7L84Ac

– Volume VII:  https://goo.gl/Sx6sVh

– Volume VIII:  https://goo.gl/yJa1Te

– Volume IX:  https://goo.gl/bLnNf4

– Volume X:  https://goo.gl/WkMDPJ

– Volume XIhttps://goo.gl/yks5Q1

– Volume XII:  https://goo.gl/g69n6W

Heterodyne’s spoken word artist Dan Gutstein has posted insightful commentary on the project; one of the project’s collaborators (Sarah Hughes); and Joy on Fire, the band with whom Heterodyne most frequently shares the bill:  




Heterodyne was featured in the Washington Post’s August 26, 2018 “Going Out Guide” (https://goo.gl/Mw6ros); the article stemmed from an earlier account on DC’s musical scene:  https://goo.gl/pxx7Tf.