Uberepic Productions

Uberepic Production is a collection of projects, both solo and collaborations, led by Ted Zook.

Works include:

“Snæfellsjökull Sólseturrökkur” is a work inspired by trips to Iceland and the view of Snæfellsjökull volcano (http://bit.ly/hZEvsehttp://www.skimountaineer.com/ROF/Beyond/Snaefellsjokull/SnaefellsjokullMap.jpg ; http://g.co/maps/ygrs9) from approximately 60 miles across Faxaflói Bay from Keflavik at sunset (sólsetur) and the following twilight (rökkur); hopefully, you might enjoy the descending-pitch entropy suggestive of twilight’s end at the clip’s conclusion (that is, if you’re still awake…). This is a solo project by T. A. Zook on slidewhistle, bowls, oceanharp and rainstick.

Aoi Theme and Alterations  is a solo compilation based on a repeating, 1-minute loop initially recorded at a Music for People “Art of Improvisation” workshop, subsequently processed at my home)

A playlist of recordings included under the Uberepic Productions umbrella are below: